3 Backyard Features That Increase Resale Value

 3 Backyard Features That Increase Resale Value

The backyard is often a key selling point for many individuals when looking to purchase a new home. This area can serve as an extension of the home’s entertaining space and can help create the indoor-outdoor flow that has increased in popularity throughout recent years. Although a yard with a blank canvas may be enticing to some, others may prefer to have special amenities already included. Not only will these features provide added value to the house, but they can also be enjoyed by both current and future homeowners.

  1. Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the unique layout or dimensions of an individual’s backyard. Although they may be expensive to build, pools can often be used year-round by those of all ages. When determining what type of pool to get, it may be advantageous to consult with a swimming pool contractor St Louis County MO.

  1. Covered Patio

For families that enjoy spending quality time together outdoors, a covered patio can be the perfect addition to any home. Simply putting lounge chairs or swings can be great for relaxing, while a picnic table can be used to host meals. Having a covered patio can allow individuals to enjoy the outdoors while being covered from the natural elements.

  1. Mature Landscaping

Privacy can be extremely important for many individuals. In popular residential neighborhoods, it is not uncommon for houses to be rather close in proximity; therefore, it is essential to implement measures that protect one’s yard from prying eyes. Mature landscaping, hedges and bushes are an ideal way to create a barrier that is both environmentally friendly and visually appealing. Although they may require maintenance, they are perfect for creating an outdoor oasis.

There are many fun and relaxing features that can be placed in one’s backyard to help increase the home’s potential resale value.

Paul Watson