5 Cleaning Tips For a Gleaming Bathroom

 5 Cleaning Tips For a Gleaming Bathroom

You may be a professional procrastinator, a cleaning fiend, or an absolute slob. Chances are if you have a pulse, you’ve put off cleaning the bathroom at some point. While the bathroom is undeniably an important room in the house, it doesn’t always get the love it deserves. Here are five easy tips to help you clean your bathroom more quickly and efficiently. You may even find it to be less of a chore than before!

  1. Spray the Dirtiest Areas First

To get in and out more quickly, apply cleaning products to your bathtub, shower, and toilet before anything else. This will give the cleaner time to work its magic and reduce the need for scrubbing.

  1. Focus On Surfaces

Clear items off of surfaces like bathroom cabinets Milwaukee WI and countertops. With the area clear of clutter, you should be able to spray and wipe them down more quickly. All-purpose cleaner can be used on the sink, toilet, cabinets, and counters. Use vinegar or glass cleaner on mirrors.

  1. Clean the Floor

Start with sweeping, and then do a quick mop of the area. This can improve the smell of the bathroom and the feeling of bare feet on the floor.

  1. Go Back to the Dirty Spots

Time to clean that toilet! Having let the cleaning product sit for a while, the toilet and shower/tub should clean up more quickly and with less scrubbing. Remember to rinse the bathtub floor and walls.

  1. Finish the Job

Put everything back in place, unless in your cleaning spurt you noticed things that didn’t need to be there. Items that don’t belong in the bathroom can be placed in a basket and taken elsewhere in the house.

With a little bit of prep and strategizing, bathroom cleaning can be surprisingly fast and painless. You may enjoy your morning bathroom routine more when it smells and looks fresh and clean.

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