3 Tips for Moving Heavy Items

Are you moving to a new house or relocating some heavy furniture with help of Flyttebyrå Oslo. The task of transporting large items may seem daunting but read on to learn about three ways to make this job more manageable.

  1. Use a Furniture Dolly

An easy way to move large items is by putting them on top of a dolly. These devices are flat on top with wheels on the bottom. They make carrying the weight of cumbersome items simple by allowing you to roll them to their destination. For hefty items, look for dollies with spring loaded casters on the bottom to make moving these things even easier. It’s best to use two dollies, one under each side of a large item. Lift one side on first, then the other, so you aren’t trying to carry the entire weight of the furniture.

  1. Invest in Furniture Straps

If you have to lift an item up or down stairs, a furniture dolly won’t work. For these jobs, arm or shoulder straps are put under the item to be moved and held on each side by movers. These straps take the weight off peoples’ hands and arms and distribute it equally, making the load much easier to lift. These straps are made of durable nylon, which means they last for many moves and can be folded up and conveniently stored for future use.

  1. Repurpose a Blanket

Furniture slides are available to purchase, or you can use a moving blanket instead. A single person can use these simple items to move bulky items. Additional items such as towels or bedspreads are great to use on hard flooring, while plastic container covers work best on carpeting.

Moving large, heavy objects may be a big task, but you can get the job done easily if you follow these suggestions.


Donna Paul