How to Make the Most of Rooftop Space

 How to Make the Most of Rooftop Space

City living can leave you feeling claustrophobic and craving more time outdoors. If your home will allow for it, why not create a rooftop deck to satisfy your need for nature? Read on for tips on how to make your rooftop into the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

  1. Build a Rooftop Deck

When starting with finished rooftop space, you may want to have a floating rooftop deck installed as your first order of business. Once you’ve had your deck built, you can create the wonderful outdoor entertaining space you may have been missing out on as a city dweller.

  1. Add Plants in Containers

You can create flower and vegetable gardens in containers on your rooftop space. Adding plenty of greenery and flowers in terracotta containers will bring your roof to life. If you love growing your own vegetables, many can be grown easily in containers.

  1. Include Dining and Conversational Seating Areas

Having one space designed for dining and one space designed to promote conversation will allow your guests to eat and mingle comfortably. A conversational seating area typically consists of an outdoor sofa and coffee table and may also include a few chairs. Obviously, a dining set includes a table with four or more chairs around it. An umbrella around your eating space may be beneficial if you or your guests prefer shade while dining al fresco. Since your rooftop deck will be in the sunshine much of the day, for the sun worshippers in your life, you may also want to splurge on some lounge chairs for relaxing under the sun’s rays.

Even the biggest advocates of city living need time outdoors, and creating a rooftop space may be just the way to gain this without ever having to leave your beloved city. A few simple steps will enable you to make the most of city life and even get plenty of Vitamin D while you’re at it!


Carmen Ma