3 Tips To Help You Manage a New Roof Project

 3 Tips To Help You Manage a New Roof Project

There are numerous reasons to replace your home’s roof. Maybe it is worn and unattractive or it could leak in rough weather. For whatever reason, if you are planning to put a new roof in your home in the near future, use these tips to better manage the project.

  1. Develop a Budget

Installing a new roof is a major home improvement project with the budget to prove it. Even if you choose to DIY the entire process, you will still be facing costs well into the thousands of dollars. Before you even start looking at materials, you should sit down and create a realistic budget.

Consider whether you will be using savings or financing the new roof. If you are financing, will it be directly through your contractor, or are you leaning more toward using your home’s equity to fund the project? If you know you want to finance directly, make sure they offer financing services.

  1. Work With a Contractor You Trust

Finding the right roof repair contractor Shippensburg PA is key to a successful project. Ask plenty of questions and make sure you are getting answers that line up with your priorities. When you get estimates, have the contractors do thorough inspections to determine if the house’s structure can support specific materials. Certain features can add a substantial amount of weight to a roof, making them unsuitable for some homes. You’ll also want to establish whether you will need to remove the existing roof materials or if the new ones can go right over them. This can have a major impact on the total project cost.

  1. Research Materials

As you are searching for the right contractor, take time to look at different roofing materials. Consider factors such as their warranty coverage, cost, appearance and whether they offer any advantage as far as reflectiveness or insulating factors. Metal and asphalt shingles are the most popular options for most homeowners.

Installing a new roof to a house is a major renovation project. You can make it more manageable by developing a budget, working with a contractor you trust and researching material options

Donna Paul