4 Need-To-Know Facts About Bed Bugs Home Improvement

 4 Need-To-Know Facts About Bed Bugs Home Improvement

In the insect world, nothing causes as much disgust and dread as the bed bug. Bed bugs can show up anywhere and they reproduce very quickly. If you’re terrified about one hitching a ride into your house, here are four need-to-know facts about the elusive bed bug.

  1. Bed Bugs Are ReallySmall

There’s a lot of misconception about the size of bed bug exterminator chicago il. Bed bugs are only about a millimeter in size which makes them barely visible. If you find any type of bugs or beetles at home or in a hotel room, make sure you’re absolutely positive you’re dealing with a bed bug.

  1. They’re Hard To Kill

Bed bugs are hardy little creatures and they’re very difficult to find and kill.  If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you can’t take care of it by yourself. Instead, you need Staten Island pest control to thoroughly eradicate bed bugs from your property.

  1. Bed Bugs Eat a Lot

Believe it or not, bed bugs only eat about once per week. However, when they do eat, they go to town! Bed bugs feed on blood and can ingest many times their own weight in food. After dining, they go back into hiding for nearly a week until they’re hungry again.

  1. They’re Happy Anywhere

If you think that bed bugs are just a city problem, you’d be mistaken. While they are prevalent in urban areas because of the number of dwellings, bed bugs are just as happy at your summer home as your apartment. They’re found in all 50 states in both warm and cold climates.

Discovering bed bugs in your home is upsetting and stressful. Since they’re hard to see and even more difficult to kill, you need to call a qualified exterminator and get rid of them for good.

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