Best Roofing Materials for Homes in Fort Myers

 Best Roofing Materials for Homes in Fort Myers

Whether you live near any storm prone areas like Myers or not, your roof is always one of the most important parts of your home. However, if you are located in any storm prone areas, then it is even more important.

Fort Meyers has seen storm damage number of times, when such natural calamities took place. You cannot always predict how certain roof will withstand during a severe storm, and which roofing material will withstand better than others.

Let us therefore discuss about few different roofing materials that you must consider in case you are living in any storm prone areas:

  1. Composite shingles

Composites singles are the most well-known and popular roofing materials that are used for residential as well as commercial roofing purpose.

Most roofing companies Fort Myers prefer to use a variety of shingles that are available with various ratings of wind speed that they will withstand, but you must know, higher wind areas will need special shingles.

Hence, check with your supplier about their ratings before buying composite shingles.

  1. Slate roofing

These slate roofing is same as stone slabs and due to their weight and also rock-hard structure; it will be an excellent choice against any kind of adverse weather conditions.

As per the quality of slate, the endurance rating of slate roofing will also vary. Besides, being very well resistant against heavy winds, the slick surface will not hold onto snow or ice and being a non-combustible, it will withstand wildfire.

  1. Metal roofing

In any storm prone area, metal roofing is the best choice for both residential and commercial roofing. This is due to its durability, affordability, being lightweight and also highly protective against strong wind.

Also, metal roofing can help reducing energy loss and can make your house much more efficient. With little maintenance, it is possible to make your roof last for generations.

  1. Clay tile roofing

These kinds of roofing material are quite similar to heavy slate roofing in weight. So, this can also make them very good material for roofing in storm prone areas. Also, these are non-combustible and like slate tile, which can also withstand wildfire.

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