Clever Ways to Brighten up Your Garden

 Clever Ways to Brighten up Your Garden

Your garden is not only a retreat from your indoor space but also an opportunity to enjoy greenery and colour. If your garden is too dull liking, you can brighten it up without having to tear up the original display. Some cheap and clever ways to brighten up your garden include the following:

  1. Add a Water Feature

One of the best ways to brighten up your garden space is by adding a water feature. Water features do not only upscale your space but also add a soothing effect. They muffle noises especially if you live close to a busy street. Whether you choose a large waterfall feature or a little pot turned into a fountain, it will be a valuable addition to your garden.

  1. Add More Colourful Plants

The most obvious way to brighten up your garden is using colourful plants and flowers. Even though it requires a lot of work, this option will leave you with beautiful, plants and a garden that you can enjoy for a long time.

  1. Use Colourful Recycled Tin Planters

This is the most affordable option for adding some colour to your garden. Consider using your old coffee or soup cans as planters. Pick bright-coloured cans and consider painting the dull ones to suit your preference.

  1. Create Colorful Pathways

Your pathways may be great for breaking up the greenery. Consider using limestone, concrete, or natural stone for your pathways. Some rock salt may add texture and colour.

  1. Use Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be just as decorative as they are functional. Consider placing a few colourful stones in different parts of the garden to form a particular design. You can make your own stepping stones from broken china. Stepping stones add both colour and a natural element to your garden space.

  1. Colourful Cushions and Throw Pillows

Colourful cushions and throw pillows can add a splash of colour to your garden. Your seating space is one of the most important parts of your garden. Using bright patterns and colours will give your space the pomp it needs.

  1. Add a Hammock

A cosy hammock can change the overall appearance of your garden. A bright and cosy hammock does not only brighten up your space but also serves as a good place for relaxing

  1. Use Colourful Accents

For predominantly green spaces, a few colourful accents can be a great choice. Consider adding hanging baskets of colourful plants to make your garden brighter. Great choices for your garden include pink bougainvillaea, golden trumpet, and passionflower. Try using colourful details that match your personal preferences. Some of the best accents include vintage lamps, a lounge bed, pots, and crates.

  1. Mosaic Solar Lights

Every good garden needs some lights. They are a subtle yet effective way to brighten up your garden. Solar lights are a great choice as they help you save on energy costs.

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