Common Water Heater Problems and Their Solutions

 Common Water Heater Problems and Their Solutions

Water Heaters are one of the most useful and important appliances in every household. It does not matter if other appliances are working to the fullest, your Water Heater should never go out of service. This also creates immense pressure on the machine and even though it is quite a simple unit, it needs proper maintenance too.

Maintenance of Water Heater is not that a hard task or job, nor does it cost you a fortune. However, some Water Heaters show problems even after being well maintained. In that case, replacing the old heater with a new one is the only option you would be left with. We know how much you suffer during the winters due to the issue of your heater. To get immediate solutions for all of your water heater related problems contact All Water Products and live a happy and peaceful life.

Before any heater is almost on the verge of breaking down functionally, it will show a number of problems and defects regarding its mechanism. Some people fail to understand these signs and therefore overlook them. This results in the breakdown of the system. To guide you with this, following are some of the common Water Heater problems and their possible solutions.

  • Water Not Heated Properly: It is the most commonly addressed problem when using a heater. Needless to mention how frustrating it can be for one to be stuck in the washroom with no running hot water. If you are facing this problem, consider calling a plumber or if you are confident enough to do it yourself, get the heating element fixed. It is very likely to happen that it is not working properly. Since it puts up with a lot of pressure, it is very natural of it to become damaged from the regular usage.
  • Smelly Water: This suggests that your heater tank has been infested by bacteria. If you notice a smell of rotten eggs that is too pungent, it is because of them. The best way to get rid of this is to wash the tank with an anti-bacterial disinfectant. You can also opt for other widely used anti-microbial solutions. Follow the instructions provided with the products and when using these, try to keep the water tank half-filled and leave the setup for 2-4 hours. Afterwards, flush the tank twice-thrice. Along with this you also have to replace the anode rod for a perfect long lasting result.
  • Dirty Water: Dirty water indicates that the water is passing through rusted or corroded elements within the heater. If you are facing such a problem, the immediate resort should be to replace the anode rod that functions as a protecting material to prevent rusting. It is of high possibility that the anode rod has either become damaged or rusted itself. Another reason could be that various other elements within the unit has become rusted through which water is supposed to flow. If the replaced anode rod cannot show any improved results, it is better to replace the system altogether.
  • Water Not Hot Enough: You might feel that the water is not hot enough as it used to be before. In this case, you have to simply replace the thermostat.

These were the major common problems and their solutions of having a Water Heater. Next time you face these issues, you will have a solution in your hand.

Sherry Dowell