How to Choose an Apartment for Investment?

 How to Choose an Apartment for Investment?


Real estate is a win-win investment option. Firstly, apartments, especially in new buildings, will definitely not drop in price. Secondly, there is a stable demand for rental housing in large cities. JBL developers tell you how to choose a promising apartment that will help you earn money.

Modern layout

Perhaps one of the key criteria. The level of comfort strongly depends on the layout, while changing it is quite difficult, and in some cases impossible.

For investment, it is better to choose an apartment of Modern Format – recently, options with kitchen-living rooms are becoming more and more popular. Also, in a contemporary layout, there should be no useless space: for example, a long narrow corridor.

You need to be especially careful when choosing a layout when buying a studio: a good configuration can compensate for a small area. It is better to choose options with two windows and the ability to zone the space. A spacious wide balcony will also be a great advantage.

In low-rise buildings, sometimes there are options with terraces, which are also worth considering for investment. But it is better not to purchase layouts with attics for resale or rent: not everyone will like an atypical sloped ceiling.

Neutral finish

Laconic decoration in calm and light colours is the best option for an investment apartment. The neutral interior will allow the future tenant or buyer to implement different design solutions and bring something of their own into the apartment.

If you buy a home to rent it out, you also need to furnish it. In this case, it is better to immediately contact the developers who offer the service of ready-made furnishings.

Infrastructure in perspective

When buying an investment apartment, it is important to study your own infrastructure of the future residential complex and the development prospects of the area. When a new quarter is just beginning to be built, there may be no shops, schools, or kindergartens nearby. The main thing is that all this is in the plans: each new infrastructure object within walking distance makes the apartment more attractive.

Residential complex “The Commodore at Canberra by JBL Developers:

Height of the house

Recently, more and more people prefer to live in low-rise buildings, so investors should pay attention to low-rise properties.

Latest development of JBL Developers is a multi-storey building accommodating 219 units and 2 level parking. The Commodore at Canberra condominiums are installed with quality fixtures, sound insulation technique and smart home features. 1-bedroom to 5 bedroom apartments are built in the Commodore Complex, you can choose the one as per your choice, budget and needs.

View from the window

A good view will elevate your apartment in the eyes of buyers and tenants and help you stand out from the competition. When buying a home with such an advantage, study the prospects for the development of the area and make sure that the picturesque landscape will not be obstructed by new phases of construction.

The Commodore residential complex offers calm and tranquil surrounding to their inhabitants with multiple parks and reservoirs just outside the complex. SembwangPark, Yishun Park and Canberra Park are located within a radius of 2 km of the building.


Sherry Dowell