How to Show Hometown Pride

 How to Show Hometown Pride

Whether you’re from the Lone Star State or the Sunshine State, it’s good to have a little local pride especially if you live far from home. There are several different fun avenues for exhibiting your pride.


One of the easiest ways to show off your home state is to purchase and display your state’s flag on a wall or from a flagpole.  While vexillologists (those who study flags) tend to agree that the better-looking flags are simple, when it comes to state flags, you get what you get. So, whether you have a top-ranked flag like New Mexico’s simple yellow and red design, or a busy state seal like South Dakota or Nebraska, wave that flag without remorse.


Each state’s shape is unique and wearing your state’s outline on a hat or t-shirt speaks to what you care about. There are also clever ways to show your support for an area that is most meaningful to people from that area. For example, a t-shirt that says “homegrown” with just the outline of Washington or Arkansas says to other people from those states that you both belong to the same club. The same idea holds true with a shirt that just says “504.” Fellow New Orleans natives will understand the area code reference. Likewise, sharing your feelings of positivity about where you live is one of the lifestyle factors Franklin TN t-shirt or cap.


Some areas are famous for a certain food. At your next potluck, show your pride by serving peach pie if you’re from Georgia. If you’re from Idaho, maybe whip up a potato salad. It’s a great way to invite others into your love of your home state.

Displaying love for your hometown or state is a fun way to introduce the place to other people. It’s also a great way to bond with other people from the area when you’re far from home. If you don’t have a home state, pick one you like and wear the t-shirt or fly the flag anyway. You might be surprised at the conversations it starts.

Clare Louise