How To Winterize Your Home

 How To Winterize Your Home

Those who live in climates that are cool or cold during the winter understand that preparation is not something you can take for granted. Cold and damp can wreak havoc on your home if the proper precautions are not taken. Consider the following areas that may need attention.

The Roof and Gutters

Water has a way of finding an in. If your roof has a few small openings where rain , snow or hail can get in, you could likely end up with problems from damp insulation, water in your light fixtures or even extensive mold damage. Before cold, wet weather arrives, the roof should be checked to see if any shingles are loose, or if flashings around the chimney, vent pipe stacks or other areas need to be sealed. Make sure rain gutters are clean and free of debris so they can carry away water during a storm rather than misdirecting it under the soffit.

Heating System

If you have central heating, you may need to do a bit of upkeep. While there are some things you can do on your own, such as installing a new filter, you should probably call the experts in furnace maintenance Concord CA homeowners depend on to keep their heating systems in top form. Keeping your furnace in top form can help ensure that you have a warm and comfortable winter.

Outdoor Pipes

Disconnect hoses from all outdoor faucets to prevent them freezing. If you live in a modular home with a skirting, or have a basement with water pipes running along outer walls, invest in some heat tape to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting, and a flood would be a next level problem to deal with.

In just a few simple steps, you can protect your home from some of the ravages of winter weather. A little prevention may help you enjoy your winter activities without worry.



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