Marble or quartz: What’s better for bathroom countertops?

 Marble or quartz: What’s better for bathroom countertops?

Renovating your bathroom is a huge project, and it makes sense to weigh all relevant options carefully. Selecting the right material for countertops is an important decision. Various factors do matter for countertops – Cost, function, aesthetics and maintenance certainly top the list. Two of the popular choices include marble and quartz, and for your help, we are going to compare both, so that you can contact vendors like Granite au Sommet for estimates.

Decoding good and bad about marble

The best thing about marble is style and function, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of countertops. You can find standard shades like gray and white, but if you want to go experimental with your choices, go for something like pink, green and blue. One of the other aspects to understand is the maintenance. If you compare marble countertops with quartz, this definitely needs more attention, and marble is a porous material, which means you will have to seal the countertop at least once in couple of years, or else, your countertops will be stained in no time. As far as cleaning marble is concerned, avoid the commercial cleaners and select something that’s designed for cleaning marble in particular.

Decoding good and bad of quartz

Quartz comes in a wide range of colors, so as far as aesthetics are concerned, quartz countertops can be selected to match the theme of your bathroom. There are many options in terms of shades, and quartz is durable, making it more ideal for bathrooms in particular. Unlike marble, quartz is not porous, so staining is definitely not a concern. Quartz doesn’t harbor bacteria or mold, which means that even with extensive use of bathrooms, countertops won’t be damaged, and cleaning is also easy. You can use any mild cleaner to clean the countertops. As far as costing is concerned, quartz can be a tad more expensive than others, so do your homework well.


If you want to make the most of your bathroom countertops, consider the pros and cons of both and take a call. Quartz does have a few advantages over marble, but if you don’t mind spending a tad more on maintenance and prefer the look of marble, you can consider that. Make sure that you choose a reliable vendor for your countertop material and check the range of designs and colors they can offer, before asking for an estimate.

Donna Paul