Professional Raccoon Control Services

 Professional Raccoon Control Services

Part of home ownership is ensuring that only welcome guests get inside the property. If there are any furry creatures that you don’t want raiding your home, then you should act quickly before these get too comfortable and stay here for good. Get the help of experts to push these away and make sure that they don’t come back. For example, raccoons can be a big problem around the wooded areas of the East Coast. These creatures can climb, swim, run, and solve problems that they encounter. They will find ways to get inside and raid your kitchen for food. If you’ve had enough of them, then call for raccoon control and raccoon trapping Connecticut services.

Where do raccoons live?

These small nocturnal animals love woodlands as they can climb up the trees for shelter and get the fruits for food. Raccoons like to feast on acorns, nuts, vegetables, and corn as well. They are especially fond of green spaces that are close to water sources for cleaning, drinking, and hunting for sustenance. You may sometimes find them at the sides of rivers, marshes, and streams looking for snails, crayfish, clams, and other invertebrates. All these said, these are highly adaptable creatures that can thrive even in urban and rural environments close to humans.

How do raccoons enter homes?

Indeed, food can be harder to find in cities so raccoons will gravitate to homes that smell of delicious food. They can get their fill from productive gardens, open garbage cans, outdoor pet food containers, and the like. They will seek out empty and abandoned spaces to make these their nest. Many end up will sheds, garages, chimneys, attics, and old buildings. It is here where they try to raise their young in the springtime. They are usually wary of humans so foraging is done at night with care. However, they might emboldened if fed and go inside homes to get more food.

What damage can raccoons do?

The presence of raccoons isn’t just problematic because of their damage to the pantry and to the garden. They may also leave their poop and urine causing the property to foul up. When they get aggressive in entering homes, they could create their own entry points by tearing down the roof tiles and so on. Farmers are particularly unhappy with these creatures because they enjoy eating the crops that are meant for selling. They can even invade poultry farms and wreak havoc inside. Their population simply has to be controlled so that they don’t become a headache for the people around them.

How can raccoons be controlled?

The best way to deal with raccoons is to prevent them from coming in the first place. They should not get a whiff of the food in the house. In fact, it would be nice if the whole community could band together in ensuring that the neighborhood stays clean and clutter-free. Trash bins should have secure covers with nothing protruding outside. BBQ grills should be cleaned up after use to remove the sweet smell of meat. Gardens can be surrounded by tall fences. Chimneys should have top covers. If they do get in with increasing numbers, then call professional raccoon control services right away.

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