Office¬†furniture storage is a difficult task. Many people are worried that “I want to store the office furniture I used, but there is no space”. Even if you store it in the office, you need to secure a space that is unobtrusive. In such a case, the “trunk room” is recommended.

About office furniture

Before you know how to store, it is important to have a basic knowledge of office furniture.

What kind of product

Office furniture is furniture used in the office. Typical examples include office desks, office chairs, bookshelves, storage boxes, lockers, partitions, whiteboards, and desk racks. In addition, there are various types such as wagons, steel racks, safes, reception counters, reception sets, and shredders.


When you have a visitor, you get a bad impression if the office is dirty. To keep your office clean, it is important to keep your office furniture tidy. It can be said that the furniture is indispensable for the establishment of an office.

When do you need storage?

If you move your office or change the layout, some furniture will no longer be used. We are often worried about whether to dispose of it or store it, but I also feel that I may use it someday. You may also have to keep it according to company rules.

In addition, if it becomes temporarily unused, it will have to be stored elsewhere. For example, you have to decide where to store the items during periods when they will not be used, such as those used at events.

Storage problems

Office furniture cannot be stored in a private house because it belongs to a company. If your company has Storage units, you can store it there, but if you don’t have it, you will have to worry about choosing a storage location. First of all, securing the storage location must be a top priority.

Also, in the case of large office furniture storage, it is necessary to secure enough space for storage. It should be something that can be dismantled, but if it cannot, you will also need to check whether it can be taken out.

In addition, if the material is wood, it should be stored in a location that is immune to moisture and rainwater. It is also a problem that many people worry about because the storage space is limited. When storing office furniture, you have to look at the materials used.


If you move to a new office, you will likely find some office furniture you want to store temporarily. In this case, we recommend using the trunk room. The luggage compartment can also be used as a temporary storage space.

About storage of office furniture

This section describes recommended storage methods for office furniture and precautions for storage.

Precautions for storage

Office furniture belonging to a company and company may have storage rules. Always check for rules before storing. If you have rules in place, you need to follow them.

Also, be sure to clean your office furniture before storing. If it is stored with dust and dirt on it, it will become stubborn dirt and will not be removable. If you clean and store it properly, you can use it for a long time and save money.

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