Real Estate Bloom after Corona Virus

 Real Estate Bloom after Corona Virus

Crises are Opportunities? Investing in Real Estate during the pandemic. Is it a right thought while the world is heading towards a recession will holding property be valuable? The world is hasting its efforts to combat the worst pandemic of the century, but never can a land holding lose its value. Any other area of investment may be stricken with the aftermath of corona virus and may recede under the recession or depression that lies above the horizon. The astute realtor’s portent that Real Estate will bloom after the world recovers from

This advice can be and valuable for people who ae looking to invest their money at this time. My esteemed subject spoke his mind, and after losing the initial war of wits with him, I submitted that this is the time to be more practical, to think more rationally and to act.

I cannot but extoll the sense behind this statement. The pandemic has changed our lifestyle, there is a substantial change in our social habits; According to the statistics  that normalcy will be restored in some time; but that normal will be different from our erstwhile normal, we will live in a post-COVID-19 world order and we cannot be sure about the economic situation of that order. As we have been listening to the warnings from the IFI’s that this pandemic will bring a major economic fall out, it is better we safe ourselves with something concrete, something that will have value under any circumstances. People who have money now, should find this time as a blessing and spend on real estate. Currencies might take a dip but the value of land will not recede. This is the universal truth, a land never loses it’s value.

Now, this is the time to act. People often complain that they do not pursue their long-term goals regarding real estate because they don’t find time. But for this very purpose the action mode is now. Under the lockdowns people have immense time to pursue this goal. Because of the sow down in economic activities the real estate prices might be witnessing a slump but as soon as the lock down will be over the prices of Real Estate is set for an uphill trajectory.

As the real estate business can be done virtually there is the need of shrewd planning and action. Because this time is reminding us how important it is to own a place, staying in home for month. People who are renting are having it more tough than people who under these circumstances have to pay rents. So, whatever condition the world might be afflicted with in the future having a place of your own is important. We have been watching apocalyptic movies for years now- owing to the excellence of Hollywood and there has remained one common feature in all of them; in the time of affliction or in the time of happiness, one needs a roof. This is the fact that remains from the beginning to the end of the universe.

Drow Polly