Tips for Repurposing a Room

 Tips for Repurposing a Room

Do you use one room in your house to collect junk? Maybe your kids have moved out, and you have an empty room. Maybe you technically have three bedrooms, but you have always used one as a storage space. Commit to the project of giving new energy to a neglected space and begin by reading these tips.

Clearing the Space

Decide where everything currently in the room will go. You will likely save a few items and throw out some others. Make a plan. If you want to save a cabinet, make sure you have a purpose for it. You might realize that you don’t have a reason to keep it. It may seem silly, but by asking yourself when you’ll use something again, you can determine if you need to keep it. Expect to throw out a lot of stuff, especially if you’re working on multiple rooms. Make sure you have enough small trash bags, but also consider using dumpster rentals Erie PA. By renting a dumpster, you’ll ensure that you have a large enough space to put the items you don’t want to save.

Donating and Gifting

You don’t need to throw out everything, even if your room is filled to the ceiling. Give photo albums, art projects, and mementos to other members of your family. If you have a friend who needs an office chair or cabinet, offer yours. When you can’t think of a specific person to give items to, find a nearby second-hand store and donate what you have. While you’re at the store, you might find something that suits your new room.


Once your room is empty, decide if you need to make any repairs before adding furniture and accessories. It is much more difficult to paint walls and make other adjustments once the room is full of furniture. What do you want in this new room? A home office might need more lamps than it did as a bedroom, for example.

Finally, ask for help. If you work with others, you might discover more ideas and have more fun envisioning how the room will look.

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