Top Considerations for Your Commercial Property

 Top Considerations for Your Commercial Property

As a good landlord, your tenants expect you to make sure your building is well taken care of. You are in a mutual relationship with occupants where they pay rent and you take care of the rest. It doesn’t take a lot for things to go south between you and the people leasing space in your property. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Being Responsive and Communicative

Your tenants will come across issues that they’ll need to talk to you about. Whether it’s a recurring issue or questions about the agreement, it’s important that you respond promptly and courteously to them. You may have another company or person serving as a property manager. This property manager is your representative to the people in your building, so that person should also be friendly, patient and responsive to your tenants.

Taking Care of Your Property

The public areas and general spaces of your property are definitely your responsibility. From the grounds to the condition of your structure, you need to make sure that things are properly maintained. Overgrown lawns, dirty public areas and stripping paint can give the impression of a place that is not taken care of. Are there potholes and worn striping in your parking lot? A provider of asphalt repair San Diego CA can help you make your lots look brand new.

Providing Security

Whether your property is a place to live or work, it’s important that occupants feel safe. Well-lit outdoor areas, a posted security guard and operational gates work toward a location that feels and looks like a safe to be. It will be difficult to hold on to your tenants if they don’t feel safe and secure on the premises.

The landlord-tenant relationship should be a mutual one that involves responsiveness and good communication. Tenants pay you and you provide them a well-maintained place for them to work or live. Be a good landlord by taking care of your facilities and the people within.

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