Types of Window Grill (And Which Is Suitable For You)?

 Types of Window Grill (And Which Is Suitable For You)?

To a greater extent, the level of protection of the home depends on how the grill is installed. There are several ways to attach the grille:

  • Stationary grilles – those that cannot be opened.
  • Swing doors, in which one or two sashes swing open, as in the windows.
  • Sliding (lattice-curtains), which are made as a pantograph.
  • Removable, which differ from stationary ones in that they are attached to the wall using screwed bolts.

Stationary grilles are the most reliable structures of all existing ones, because their fittings are mounted directly into the wall. It is recommended to install such structures for the owners of apartments located on the first floor.

The intruders have learned to overcome even such gratings, and they do it very simply, they tie a cable to the grate and attach it to a truck, many structures break out without much difficulty, so the grate reinforcement should go into the depth of the walls by at least 8 cm.

The side of the reliability of stationary gratings is the inability to open them during a fire. No one is immune from such unforeseen situations; therefore, swing bars should be installed on at least one window in the apartment.

Hinged grilles, if necessary, can be swung open, leaving the window opening completely free. This is convenient not only from the point of view of fire safety, but also, if you wish, not to obstruct the view from the window with steel rods. One or both doors can swing open, and a padlock or mortise lock protects the window from penetration by strangers.

Choosing a Hinged Lattice

Lattice-curtains are recognized as the most unreliable designs, since they are made of metal strips movably fixed crosswise, which affects its burglar-resistant qualities. Such grilles are mounted from the inside of the room, and some products, when opened, only by 80% free the window opening – be careful when choosing. Sliding grilles are used in country and private houses, where a burglar alarm is used , which is triggered by broken glass, and the grill located inside the window opening will become an obstacle that an intruder cannot overcome before the arrival of the guard.

Opting for a Sliding Grille

Removable grilles were supposed to be a compromise solution for the ratio of strength and fire safety. The structures are quite reliable, but in this parameter, they are inferior to stationary ones, but it will be problematic to unscrew the bolts that are used to fasten the grille in a state of panic.

Bar– a profile, as a rule, of circular cross-section, which is obtained by pressing or rolling. Bar gratings are very durable and quite aesthetic. A rod with a diameter of 12-20 mm is used.

Bar Grate Square – a square profile. It also makes good products from an aesthetic point of view, and in terms of strength they are not inferior to a bar. A profile with a section of 12 * 12, 14 * 14 and 16 * 16 mm is used.

Square Lattice Strip–it is a flat profile with a rectangular cross-section with width up to 20 cm, thickness up to 6 mm. The simplest and far from the most artistic specimens are made from the strip, and in terms of strength they cannot be compared with the two previous options, but they surely win at the price.

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Sherry Dowell