Want to print your best pictures on glass? Don’t miss these pointers!

 Want to print your best pictures on glass? Don’t miss these pointers!

Most of us like to keep our memories in photographs, and let’s face it – We hardly have photo album these days. Everything, including photographs, has gone digital. If you want to print some of your best pictures, you can choose to do that on a big canvas. There are many printing services, like Big Acrylic pictures on glass, that can offer varied options. Besides the two popular choices – acrylic and metal, you can also consider glass. In this post, we have a few pointers and tips before you opt to print photos on glass.

Quick facts about glass photos

Contrary to what some people may believe, glass photos don’t have to clunky or of low quality when compared to acrylic. In fact, glass photos are usually clearer and the beauty of the picture will be on full display. There are no frames required for glass photos, which is a big advantage, and the effect is also professional. You can use glass photos at home, office, studios, or any place of your liking. Pictures printed on glass will never fade, wrinkle or lose the essence, and there is almost no maintenance required.

Are glass photos durable?

As compared to acrylic, glass is not as durable for sure and can crack, but it is also not prone to scratching. The good news is many printing companies use light but durable glass, so it is not hard or risky to hang your glass photos on the wall. Since no frames are used, you don’t have to replace the sides again. Framed photos often tend to lose the shine as years pass by, but that’s not the case with glass photos. This is more like a décor investment, and we promise that the final effect is more contemporary than canvas or frames.

Tips to print glass photos

Always use the best quality images for your glass photos, and if you have too many photos to print, you can choose to create a collage too. Also, you don’t need to find pictures on paper. For those who don’t want to spend on expensive art pieces for their home, they can use glass photos to create a more personal ambience within the walls.

Printing services are more than willing to take up design challenges on glass, so if you have an idea on your mind, you can always seek professional help on how to create glass photos.

Clare Louise