When to Choose Custom FramingForYour Home Wall

 When to Choose Custom FramingForYour Home Wall

Are you searching for the perfect finishing touch in your home? Wall art is a great way to bring an entire design together while giving you the chance to create a display that’s all your own. However, standard frames can limit your options. When you choose custom framing for more unique projects, you can create more opportunities for an exciting and original design. Working with a picture framer Texas can open up a world of possibilities for your space.

Original Artwork

Whether you create your own artwork or enjoy purchasing original pieces for your home, custom framing is always a smart choice for a stunning display. Shapes and sizes can vary greatly from traditional, standard frame sizes, which means you could be dealing with unsightly gaps and positioning that distract from the beauty of the piece. Not only can you achieve a more appealing finished look, but you can also help protect and preserve the artwork for years of continued enjoyment when you opt for custom framing.

Important Documents

When you or a family member has worked hard to achieve a goal or complete a task, framing those completion certificates, degrees or licenses can serve as an excellent gift. It’s also a great addition to any home or office, creating a conversation starter while also acknowledging the efforts and success of the student. Custom framing can help you choose the complimentary colors and styles to create a cohesive finished product.

Family Keepsakes

Paper isn’t the only thing you can frame and display. Consider framing family keepsakes to help you add a meaningful and beautiful decor piece to your home. Whether you choose a shadowbox full of smaller pieces or a professionally framed article of clothing, these items can help you design a unique focal point for any space. As an added bonus, you can free up useful shelf space by prepping these items for wall display.

For a stunning and interesting decor piece, consider custom framing some of your favorite items and prized possessions. Talk to an expert about your options today!

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