Why You Should Always Remove Stumps

 Why You Should Always Remove Stumps

Sometimes it’s such a relief to remove an old or diseased tree, that people completely ignore the stump left behind. Besides looking awful, stumps can also be dangerous. If your property has recently been cleared of trees, here’s why you should always remove the stumps as part of the package.

Improves Appearance of Your Yard

The most popular reason to opt for stump removal Orlando FL, is to improve the appearance of your yard. Old stumps are very noticeable, and any attempt to dress them up only makes them look more obvious. Removing a stump leaves you with a level, attractive lawn that’s easy to mow and looks gorgeous.

Reduces Risk of Injury

You’ll never forget the day you were playing ball in the yard and suddenly fell over a stump. This painful reminder is another valid reason you need to remove tree stumps. The last thing you want is for a child, a guest or a neighbor to be injured on your property because you didn’t bother to remove a stump.

Discourages Termites or Other Pests

Keeping old stumps on your land is like an open invitation for pests, including termites. Termites love moisture and wood, and will often make a stump their first stop on the way inside your home. Stumps are also attractive to bees, wasps and carpenter ants, so have them removed to avoid stings or possible infestations.

Prevents New Growth

If you spend good money to have trees removed, include stump grinding as part of the job. Besides becoming inundated with weeds, stumps may also sprout saplings and you’ll be right back where you started. By removing everything including the stump, the tree will be nothing more than a distant memory.

If you’re having trees taken down, remove the stumps, too. You’ll prevent injuries, insects and have a more attractive yard.

Donna Paul