3 Ways To Make Your Home More Hurricane-Resistant

 3 Ways To Make Your Home More Hurricane-Resistant

Hurricanes can be quite unpredictable, but the need for preparedness is not. If you live on Florida’s East Coast, you are probably accustomed to preparing for storm season. You stock up on the essentials, but is your home ready to face a hurricane? Here are three ways to make your home more hurricane-resistant.

  1. Install a Metal Roof

Metal roofing holds up against strong storms better than traditional alternatives. Unlike standard shingled roofs, metal roofs can withstand winds up to 150 mph and have a significantly reduced risk of blowing away in a storm. As a bonus, metal roofs have a much longer lifespan than their shingled counterparts. Roof installation is no easy task, so find a reputable company that offers metal roofing Daytona Beach.

  1. Switch Out Your Windows 

Tired of boarding up your home every time a storm approaches and hoping that the boards stay in place? It may be time to switch to impact glass windows, also known as “hurricane windows.” Hurricane windows can protect your home from high winds and flying debris. They also provide the added benefit of protecting your home from potential burglars.

  1. Bulk Up Your Garage Door

You expect your garage to protect your vehicle, but can your garage door hold up in a hurricane? Home damage from a weak garage door is a common issue during storm season, so strengthening your current garage door or installing a new one may ultimately protect your entire home. As with roofing, metal is the way to go when choosing a new garage door. If you already have a metal garage door, you may also want to purchase additional bracing supplies to bulk up your garage’s security.

When preparing for hurricane season, be sure to also make preparations for your home. By strengthening your home’s exterior, you can protect the interior from costly damage. Don’t waste time. Get started today on these three ways to make your home more hurricane-resistant.


Donna Paul