Tips for Repairing Toilet Swinging

 Tips for Repairing Toilet Swinging

When installing the toilet, you must adhere to specific rules. Otherwise, it may start to swing. The employees of our company specializing in plumbing works will help you solve this problem.

Why is the toilet staggering?

There are three main reasons for this problem, namely:

  • Deformation of the floor. It often happens if the flooring is made of wood and does not have a concrete backing. Over time, it sags, which leads to loosening of the mountings and rocking of the toilet.
  • Installation errors. If violations are made during the screed, its surface becomes curved, so the toilet cannot stand on it straight. Failure to comply with the alignment of the holes and grooves during the toilet installation is also fraught with loosening.
  • Defects based on the sanitary ware.

If your toilet starts to sway on the wooden floor, you need to move it slightly to the side to solve it. First, remove it from the mounts and put it in the right place. Mark the floor through the mounting holes on the base. After that, drill holes there, but the toilet, and fix it securely with screws. It is unnecessary to tighten the fasteners too tightly, as this can lead to cracking of the ceramic.

Owners of bathrooms with concrete floors with embedded wooden planks can normalize the toilet position in this way:

  • To begin with, the plumbing fixture must be dismantled, having previously unscrewed the fasteners.
  • After removing the toilet bowl, the old floor covering must be removed and replaced with new boards and screed.
  • When the cement hardens, it is necessary to make holes in it and mount the toilet.

If the sanitary ware sways on the tile, you can fix it without causing much damage to the coating. For this purpose, a section is cut out on the floor that corresponds to the base of the plumbing fixture, after which it is poured with cement, and only then the toilet is installed. You can hire local emergency plumbers for this task. They will start working with you and fix all the plumbing problems you are facing.


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