4 Amazing Tips to Keep your Swimming Pool Healthy

 4 Amazing Tips to Keep your Swimming Pool Healthy

Are you thinking of building a pool? You should consider regular maintenance costs in your budget. A swimming pool should not only look great but also be healthy enough for taking a dip as and when you please. Several skin problems and water illnesses may be caused by the germs and chemicals found in the waters, rendering the pool unsafe for kids and adults alike. So it’s your job to ensure proper maintenance to reduce the chances of such conditions.

Let’s now give you some ideas to maintain a healthy swimming pool.

Clean the filters regularly

The small particles that accumulate on the filters when the water passes through it can make it dirty over time. They also make the pool appear cloudy and green, which impacts the aesthetics. These accumulated particles can also cause the pump to get sluggish and less efficient. Make sure you opt for filter cleaning services now and then to get rid of such issues.

Check the water chemistry

You should invest in a high-quality pool test kit to check the water frequently and add certain chemicals to it to maintain the pool water chemistry. You should also check the pH levels from time to time and keep it between 7.2 – 7.6. It’s best to hire a pool maintenance contractor to take care of such necessities, as you may not get the time or have the experience to do the needful.

Check the decks regularly

Your pool maintenance regime should include regular deck inspection to identify missing tiles or potential falls. In the case of a wooden deck, you should check it for loose boards that may cause trips and even fatal accidents. Keep in mind that ensuring a healthy swimming pool also includes accident prevention, so make sure your decks are in proper condition.

Get rid of debris

Cleanse the pool regularly and remove debris, as they may accumulate at the bottom and lead to algal and bacterial growth. An increased amount of debris in the pool also makes it cloudier. Invest in a good skimmer basket or hire pool maintenance contractors to clean your pool every weekend, if possible.

Final words

If you’re ready to take the responsibility of regular care and maintenance, you can contact the experienced professionals at Piscine De Mone for fibreglass pools or any other chic design you prefer. Just for your knowledge, the fibreglass pools are highly resistant against algal growth and can be installed faster. They also offer easy repair options, thus reducing upfront maintenance costs to a great extent. So take your decision after carefully balancing all your options and decide on the best swimming pool that suits your needs.

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