Advantages of Tree Stump Grinding House

 Advantages of Tree Stump Grinding House

Having a tree removed can be traumatic especially when you’ve had it for years. Suddenly your property looks completely different and to add insult to injury, you’re left with an ugly stump. If you’re trying to decide whether to remove it or just live with it, here are several advantages to stump grinding.

Prevents Injuries

There’s no good place on your land to leave a stump, and sooner or later someone’s going to be injured. Instead of waiting for a child or a neighbor to trip over a stump and get hurt, make an appointment for stump grinding Clay County FL. Your yard will look better and be much safer.

Keeps Bugs Away

Many damaging insects would love nothing more than to take up residence in whatever stumps are on your property. Eventually, pests like termites or carpenter ants will make their way inside your home. Stumps can also be attractive to wasps, so remove them before they can build a nest.

Improves the Look of Your Yard

A lot of people try to dress up stumps with flowers or a birdbath, but the truth is your yard just looks better without them. Stumps are unsightly and difficult to mow around especially when tall weeds take hold. Having the stump ground down makes your yard level and attractive.

Stops Regrowth

After a tree is removed, hearty sprouts tend to grow from the stump that’s left behind. Not only does this make extra work for you in cutting them down, they also rob nutrients from nearby plants and flowers. Stump grinding brings all this to a halt, plus you can use the chips as mulch!

If you’re having trees removed from your property, finish off the job with stump grinding. Your yard will be pest-free, safe and look picture-perfect.

Clare Louise