Basic steps involved in designing modular kitchen

 Basic steps involved in designing modular kitchen

Making a kitchen modular is an important upgradation job that you do to the cooking area of your house. The kitchen is the place where most of the women spend their time cooking for the family and the self. The very first thing they seek in this place, therefore, is ergonomic design. They should not strain their backs and shoulders while procuring materials or cooking foods. This is made possible by modular kitchen. Here are some of the basic steps that can help in bringing the idea of modular kitchen to form.

  1. Decide the layout or shape of the kitchen

You can find l-shaped, gallery, horseshoe, peninsula, island or one-wall kitchen as popular layouts while picking the best suited shape for the modular kitchen of your house. The shape depends on the size of the area allotted to the kitchen space in the house. One-wall kitchen or gallery style is meant for smaller kitchens while horse-shoe, peninsula, island and etc. are some of the shapes that suit the big area kitchens. The storage cabinets, cooking top, appliance cabinets are placed in different orientations to achieve these shapes.

  1. Pick the modules required

The next step is to select the modules that can give lot of storage space and have a pre-defined utility. The number and types of modules are picked according to the storage requirements and the layout design as well. The idea of using modular kitchen is to make the contents easily reachable, well-arranged and to achieve space-efficiency eventually.

  1. Choose the building material for setting up the modular kitchen

Material of the modular kitchen has to be selected very intelligently. The kitchen can become the breeding ground of the germs and pests if the materials soak moisture. The space starts to look old sooner if the materials are not rust-proof. Thus, giving the modular kitchen a solid base of efficient materials solves many issues waiting afterwards. It also reduces the requirement and maintenance cost of the modular kitchen. However, you have to choose the materials according to the modular kitchen cost which is easy to afford. So, reliability, durability and affordability are the three factors to consider while choosing the materials.

  1. Shop for the attachments, sink, cabinet frames, faucets

Once you have decided upon the materials, you move over to the attachments and installations required for the kitchen. There are a variety of sinks, cabinet frames and faucets to choose from. Designers can take the measurements of the space and choose these additions accordingly.

  1. Pick a nice-looking countertop

Countertop is like the show feature of your modular kitchen. It catches the attention the foremost. Thus, it should be selected with lot of caution. Apart from good looks, it has to be spill-proof and capable of withstanding years of action on the space.

This is how you plan and design a modular kitchen for your modern homes. Each step is related to other and requires taking care of factors like space and types of contents to fit in that space.

Sherry Dowell