Do You Have Questions About Your Home’s Foundation?

 Do You Have Questions About Your Home’s Foundation?

As you probably know, Tulsa and all of Green Country is built on an alluvial plain, actually the flood plain of the western side of the Ozark Mountains. This accounts for the fertile, silty brown soil that is such a contrast to the red dirt of western Oklahoma. It also implies that the earth is continuing to shift, settle and drift—all of which means trouble for the foundation of your house whether you have pier-and-beam or a monolithic slab. Hopefully, you will never have issues with your home’s structural supports. Home values as well as the functionality of just about every part of the dwelling are tied to the foundation’s correctness.

What are Signs of Foundation Trouble?

You may have been noticing some telltale clues that all is not well with your foundation. Perhaps you have seen growing spaces between the molding and the ceiling or cracks along the edges of the walls. The floors may have grown uneven or may bounce when you walk over them. You may have also seen cracks in the wood or brick veneer on the outside of your dwelling. Rather than being troubled by these apparent issues, it may be a good idea to seek an inspection by a professional foundation repair service such as Edens Structural Tulsa.

What Is Involved in Fixing Your Foundation?

Should correcting the issues with your home’s underpinnings become necessary, you may be interested in the few steps involved:

  • The job starts with removing landscaping where necessary and covering sensitive areas with tarps. Sometimes it is necessary to briefly disconnect utilities.
  • If new piers are necessary, the next step involves creating pilot holes at appropriate points around the existing foundation.
  • Next, hydraulic jacks are used to lift and level the foundation.
  • Cleanup involves filling holes dug for the project and restoring any landscaping that was moved.

While foundation repair involves some temporary disruption, the finished product makes the home feel brand new.

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