Is There Anything Special Regarding SPF Lumber?

 Is There Anything Special Regarding SPF Lumber?


You can find in the market different kinds of lumber and SPF lumber is another variety available. These lumbers are used for various construction projects.

SPF low grade lumbers are generally obtained from pine and fir trees, which are often found in the Canadian regions as well as in many other parts of the world too. They are available in various colour ranges including while and pale yellow etc.

Following are few different species available for SPF lumber.

Species found in the eastern regions:

  • Red spruce
  • Black spruce
  • White spruce
  • Jack pine
  • Balsam fir

Species found in the western regions:

  • White spruce 
  • Engelmann spruce 
  • Lodgepole pine 
  • Alpine fir 

As compared to eastern SPF lumber the western SPF lumber will be little larger in size as eastern trees usually take lots of time to grow due the climatic conditions.

What are the applications of SPF lumber?

You will find the application of this type of lumber in all kinds of residential as well as commercial type of construction projects, as they are available at affordable price and also their ratio between strength to weight is considerably higher.  

Following are few of the industrial projects these lumbers are having wide applications.

  • Concrete formworks
  • Engineered wood products
  • Furniture framing
  • Packaging
  • Various other re-manufactured products

Majority of SPF lumber users are from north American countries and nowadays trend has also been seen in many European and also Asian countries are preferring to use this type of lumber. 

People are trying to replace lumbers of their old and damaged houses with SPF lumbers as these are found to be much durable and economical too. Various testing and researches have also proved that this type of lumber can withstand tough climatic conditions.

Therefore, you will find in most of the construction projects, nowadays people are preferring for SRF lumbers.

Following are few good reasons why SPF lumbers are preferred in various construction projects:

  1. Available in different grades

You can select the material according to the application based on the grade.

  1. Durable

These varieties of lumber have been found to be extremely durable and can withstand many long years. 

  1. Easy and quick construction

Not only can you construct by using this type of lumber quickly but also painting is also very convenient and easy to do.

  1. Affordable

Particularly in north American countries SPF lumbers are available at very affordable price. 

  1. Meets all the building codes

Not only it will meet most of the building codes but will exceed too.

Therefore, prefer to use SPF lumber for your construction projects.

Sherry Dowell