Is your AC unit smelling weird? Know why

 Is your AC unit smelling weird? Know why

The air from your air conditioner is supposed to be fresh. Well, it does not necessarily need to have a smell, often it does. And most of the time, the scent is fresh. But what if, when it is not? All of us have been through the problem of musty smell from the air conditioner.

While it is suggested that minor changes in the thermostat settings will make the smell go away, it does not. If you notice that your AC unit has been leaving out a musty odor for quite some time now, you need to contact your HVAC professional today.

Some of the prominent reasons why your AC unit may be smelling fishy include the following.

  • Excess moisture in ducts and vents

This is one of the common reasons for the musty smell. The excess moisture in ducts and vents usually happens due to high humidity level or drainage leak. So, you need to keep a check on the ducts and vents. The weird smell can be a cause of the outgrowth of the mold and mildew.

Mild exposure to these mold and mildew overgrowth can pave the way for serious problems. Thus, it is extremely necessary to address this soon. The professional HVAC agents can help you with the cleaning of ducts and vents, thereby helping you get rid of the musty odor.

  • Frozen evaporator coils

The AC units are supposed to work by absorbing the external warm air, remove the humidity, cool it, and then offer it back. Well, this ensures that the coils are in proper condition, and air filters are working smoothly.

However, in certain cases, there is an overgrowth of the dirt and debris on the filters that leads to a blockage. The water vapor eventually gets collected on the evaporator coils, thereby leading to freezing. As a result, it becomes extremely important to keep replacing the evaporator coils regularly. The coils and filters need to be replaced every once or two months.

You may consider remplacement chauffage B.Air for changing the evaporator coils since they are of the highest quality.

  • Blocked condensate line

The blocked condensate line is yet another reason why your system hasn’t been functioning properly. Since it is located out of your house, it is prone to mold and mildew overgrowth. Also, it is small in size, so it is very rare to keep a check on it. Experts suggest that the condensate lines need to be cleaned once every one or two months for better impact and continuous functioning.

Paul Petersen