Simple Steps To Keep Upvc Windows Sydney Looking Good & Working Well For Years

 Simple Steps To Keep Upvc Windows Sydney Looking Good & Working Well For Years

uPVC windows are a great choice for conservatories and sun rooms, as well as other areas of the home. These windows are made from durable plastic that can be painted to match any colour scheme. uPVC windows come in many different styles and colours, which is why they are so popular with homeowners. If you have decided that uPVC windows Sydney will be the perfect addition to your home and you want to know how to take care of them properly, read on for some advice on how to care for uPVC windows.

  1. Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners On Them

If you have uPVC windows, you’ll probably want to keep them looking as good as new. But that doesn’t mean using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners on them. These will damage the surface of the window, causing it to look dull and peel off over time. Instead, opt for a simple soap and water solution or even a vinegar solution if you have particularly stubborn stains. This is also a good way to clean your frames too, which get dirty quite quickly if you don’t keep an eye on them!

  1. Check Drainage Holes Regularly

The drainage holes on the frame of your windows should be kept clear at all times – especially in winter when snow and ice can build up around them. If you don’t do this, water can build up inside the frame and cause rot or rust. To make sure they’re clear, use a small brush or toothpick to remove any debris from inside the drainage hole (not too far in though!). You can also try using compressed air from a compressor or simply blowing through it yourself!

  1. Regularly Check The Locks & Hinges

If you don’t use your windows much, they can get stuck in place over time. Check them regularly to make sure they open and close properly. You should also check that all the locks are working correctly and that there are no signs of water entering through any cracks around the frames. If there are any problems, fix them immediately to avoid further damage or worse — having someone break in!

  1. Keep The Glass Clean Inside And Out

It might be tempting to just wipe away any dirt from outside the window but if you want to keep your home looking great then make sure you clean both sides of your uPVC windows Sydney thoroughly once or twice a year at least! This includes cleaning off any dirt from around the frame too – any grime here can cause problems with draughts and reduce energy efficiency so it’s worth taking care of this at least once every six months or so.

  1. Clean The Frames Every Six Months Or So

This is especially important if you live in an area with lots of dirt or pollution, as this can quickly build up on the inside of your windows. To clean your windows properly, use warm water mixed with a little bit of washing up liquid and a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly afterwards and dry with another soft cloth.

  1. Use A Rubber-Edged Blade To Scrape Away Snow & Ice

This will help prevent water damage and make it easier to open the window again when it’s warmer outside. If the weather is particularly cold, leave the frame open until it warms up (but don’t forget to close it again once you’re ready).

  1. If You Spot Any Problems, Get Them Fixed As Soon As Possible

If you notice watermarks on your windows, or water comes through around the edges, it could mean that one of two things is happening: either there’s a problem with the sealant around your window frames (which needs fixing), or there’s a problem with the glass itself (which needs replacing). Either way, get it sorted as soon as possible – otherwise you could end up with leaks that cause damage to your home.


We hope this article has shown you just how easy it is to take care of your UPVC windows Sydney. With a little time and the right products, you can keep them looking new for longer, and make sure that they remain in good working order from now until you decide to replace them. It’s well worth the effort – there are few things nicer than having a home with great-looking windows.

Donna Paul