What Is the Most Essential Deals for Solar Pool Heating

 What Is the Most Essential Deals for Solar Pool Heating

Living in a tropical country means having sunshine almost the entire year. Perfect climate to invest in a residential pool , isn’t it? And if you want to make the most of your home’s leisure area, a smart solution is to invest in a solar pool heater.

So, you can enjoy the outdoor area even on the coolest days, with a warm pool at the disposal of the family and maybe even to have a party for the children.

Thinking about it, we prepared this post for you to know in detail the operation and benefits of this installation. Look at that. You can go for the solar pool heating systems  now.

Is the solar pool heater the same as the conventional heater?

No. The solar heating system for the pool is similar to the conventional one, but there is a basic difference: the reservoir.

The conventional solar heater uses a specific reservoir (the boiler) to collect the water heated by the heater plates. In the solar system for swimming pools, it is the pool itself that works as a reservoir. Learn more details in the next topic.

How does the solar pool heating system work?

The system consists of hoses that run through the boards exposed to the sun. The latter are usually made with polypropylene or EPDM rubber, always in dark colors to better absorb radiation. There are also plates made of special glass tubes.

  • The operation of the solar heater basically consists of pumping water into the collectors, transmitting to it the heat captured from the sun and, consequently, heating it. These collectors are usually installed on roofs or slabs and always in the north direction, which guarantees better exposure to the sun.
  • However, the collector plates can also be installed on the floor, as long as they follow the appropriate inclination and direction. Therefore, it is essential that the installation is done by companies specialized in this field, with trained professionals to guarantee the correct functioning of the heater.
  • The performance of the system is related to the sunny weather condition. For this reason, considering cloudy or rainy days, an auxiliary system is usually installed – such as heat exchange pumps or gas heaters – to guarantee the heating of the pool even when solar radiation is low.

What are the advantages of installation?

In order to have a comfortable and cozy swimming pool at all times of the year, the solar heating system also has other advantages. For example:

  • free energy, as the heaters use the infinite energy of the sun
  • environmental preservation, since solar energy is clean, ecological and sustainable
  • sports and physiotherapy: hot water favors physical exercise and health

What kind of pool can a solar heater have?

The installation of a solar pool heater can be made in any type of material: fiberglass, reinforced concrete, masonry or vinyl pools. Just have free space on the roof or in another favorable location for sun exposure.

Do you want to know why it is more advantageous to invest in a fiber pool? Then check out this post and understand all the details

But, remember: among the most common options on the market, fiber pools are the most economically viable, guaranteeing not only the best cost-benefit ratio, but also greater practicality in installation and maintenance.

Sherry Dowell