The Right Kind of Upholstery Options Now

 The Right Kind of Upholstery Options Now

Are you looking for a dresser for the hall or a stylish cupboard for the living room? This is a choice that does not seem very difficult at first sight, but there are many things to take into account when purchasing a new cupboard. How do you determine the size and height of the cabinet and which color do you use?

Because of the wide range of cupboards you will undoubtedly find the cupboard you are looking for at Home Furnishings Sydney. Whether you choose a classic, modern, trendy or functional cupboard, Home Furnishing Sydney has it all. On this page we give you tips on how you can choose the right cupboard for your situation.

We answer the following questions:

Choosing the size of cabinet depends on where it will be located. If the cupboard is placed in a small space, make sure that you can still walk around it easily. If you choose a large model, the space will seem very full and that is not really what you want.

If you have a large space at your disposal, you can choose to go for one large cupboard that covers the entire wall. In this way you create a beautiful unity in your space. If you are planning to place something on the cupboard, think of a nice hanging plant or vase, keep a space of 40-100 cm between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling. Are you planning on not placing anything on top of your cupboard? Then keep the same space between the top of your cupboard and the ceiling as the distance between cupboard and the adjacent piece of furniture or wall. With the diy upholstery supplies this is essential.

In small spaces it is best to opt for one beautiful cupboard as an eye-catcher and some smaller furniture.

How do I determine the height of the cabinet?

The height of the cupboard is mainly dependent on the room where it will be placed and the other furniture. You want to keep your design as exciting as possible. Therefore choose variety ! If you have a lot of low furniture in the room, it is nice to alternate this with a high cupboard. If you already have a lot of high furniture, it is best to go for a (long) low model. In small spaces it is useful to go for a narrow, high model. If you have a large space, you can choose to use a room divider that you can look over or through. This keeps the space nicely open, but you have divided the space slightly.

Which cabinet color do I choose?

The color of a cupboard determines the appearance of a room. Choose a color that matches the rest of the furniture to make it look beautiful. In addition, determining the right color depends on the style of the rest of the room. So make a well-considered color choice that matches your classic, modern or trendy design.

Why choose a storage cabinet?

Home furnishings Sydney have a beautiful and wide range of storage cupboards, both large and small. A storage cupboard has many shelves, a sliding door or two large patio doors. Due to the simple design and the many possibilities in terms of size and functionality, a storage cabinet is ideal for every room.

Why choose an open cupboard?

If you would like a cupboard that serves as storage space but at the same time creates atmosphere, the open cupboard is a good choice. With this cupboard you can store your things and display them at the same time. You can think of beautiful photo frames, candles or crockery. Let everyone see your beautiful stuff!

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