The Rise in Popularity of Concrete Interiors

 The Rise in Popularity of Concrete Interiors

 Over the last few years, an increasing number of architects, interior designers and homeowners are choosing to decorate homes with concrete. Concrete is moving from being a trend, to becoming more of an evergreen option for interior design. But why is this so popular, and what makes it so desirable? There are multiple reasons, such as how it can lend itself to a minimal industrial look easily, or it can create a high end look simply too. Concrete worktops in the kitchen, concrete walls in offices, and concrete tables in restaurants – it’s a relatively new favourite. For mud-setting agent for concrete overlays fl click here.

The two interior design trends which brought concrete to its popularity is the industrial trend and the rough luxe trend. These are popular with more high end homes and edgy city buildings.

Industrial Interiors

Concrete is a great fit to areas in which you want to create an industrial look. With only small accents of concrete, you can create a warehouse chic aesthetic in a room. Concrete basins are an easy and great-looking way to incorporate it into the bathroom, or concrete worktops in kitchens, restaurants and office spaces, it can even be used for table tops. Add a few bits of reclaimed machinery to decorate, and hanging lights where there are high ceilings and you will be on track for a super stylish industrial space.

Revealing pipes, structure beams, and brick walls are also becoming very popular. If you don’t have these in your building then you can choose fixtures instead which could add a hint of stripped back urban style.

It’s best to stick with muted tones and incorporate other materials like copper and distressed steel, as this will compliment the concrete and add a contemporary character to the room. Try using some cool toned lightning elements and a simple colour scheme.You can view more interior design ideas and portfolio at

Rough-Luxe Interiors

Concrete can not only apply itself to an industrial themed room, but it can actually look warm, cosy and luxurious too. When it is displayed as a stand alone piece, it can look too brutalist for some, but others love this edginess.

Concrete can also work at it’s best when it is used as part of an ‘interior duet’, this is when it is paired with something contrasting. This can help the concrete to look less intense and ‘rough round the edges’.

Here is a list of some great pairings to put with concrete:

  • Other neutral materials including suede, leather, and wood.
  • Metallic accents like brass or antique gold.
  • Combinations and mixes of textures like linen, wool, velvet, and rugs.
  • Earthy neutral colours.
  • Dusky florals and dark colored botanical pieces which can add some femininity without being too obvious and pretty.
  • High quality light fittings which use textured glass or bold chandeliers.
  • Greenery and glass decor with concrete create the perfect trio.
  • Soft-edged furniture.

Sherry Dowell