Make Your Dream Nursery With Temporary Wallpaper For The Perfect Look.

 Make Your Dream Nursery With Temporary Wallpaper For The Perfect Look.

As the due date gets closer, you will always find yourself answering a different question from your family, friends, and sometimes even strangers. One of the inevitable questions is if you have decorated your nursery yet. Here are a few design tips on using wallpaper in the nursery:

Accent Wall

Most times, the design you like can be too much for the room. The paper you are using may have great patterns, or the colors may be too flashy or bright. It is not essential that you must cover the wall from the ceiling to the floor. You can use wallpaper to divide the room into different functions and places.

Wallpaper The Ceiling

It is not only on walls that wallpaper can be placed. It can also be used to cover the ceiling. After all, babies spend more time looking at the ceiling, and they hardly look at the walls. A light color wallpaper becomes a blessing to you if you have a small space cos it makes the room appear bigger while dark colors make the room cozy. It is a great idea to use a baby girl wallpaper on the ceiling if you want to focus mainly on the furniture in a girl’s room or boy wallpaper in a boy’s room.

The walls don’t necessarily have to be flat or even smooth. Wallpapers that are textured can be used to bring depth and feel to the room.  You can create a landscape with beautiful trees and birds. Make the nursery fun with animal wallpapers, temporary wallpaper with modern patterns like the stars and stripes to liven up the room.

Decals And Posters

You can use posters, wall decals to match the theme that you have chosen. You don’t have to repeat the pattern. You can even match with a big map on the wall. Or even create posters with your design on the wall, maybe with pictures you took; you need to Make it your thing.

Putting together small decals to match your theme allows being able to match different pieces from a different collection, like creating a mini zoo or even a beautiful forest with different fairies and even wood creatures. All these can only come to life when you use the correct decals and posters.

As much as the nursery decoration is for the baby it is also for you at the end of the day, you will spend more time looking at the decoration because half of your time is spent with the baby, in time to come you can change it to something else but always select what you like,

Donna Paul