Why Combination Barn-Condo Homes Are in Demand

 Why Combination Barn-Condo Homes Are in Demand

For years ranchers and farmers added lofts to barns so workers could have living spaces. This practical idea eventually became the inspiration for rustic, affordable homes called Barndominiums or “barndos.” In recent years the style has been adapted for use in vacation and luxury homes as well as personal residences. The homes’ simple construction, vast spaces, and good looks appeal to buyers who are looking for something unique. Condo-barn homes are also catching on because they are simple to build and easily customized.

A Unique Construction Style Adds Charm

One of the most intriguing features of barndos is their unusual style. They have metal exteriors that give them a traditional barn look, but interiors often resemble upscale condos. Spaciousness is the element that attracts many buyers. Like original barns, barndo interiors are open concept. Some owners maintain the basic designs and opt for a rustic feel. Others build in more contemporary styles.

Buyers can choose from a variety of designs and plans, so it is easy to create a home for any taste. In fact, the full range of design choices is one reason many house hunters choose combination barn-condo homes.

It is Easy to Build Homes

House hunters often choose condo-barn combination homes because they go up faster than other types of residential construction. Many people buy kits and do all or most of the work themselves. Some opt for prefabricated kits that require less work than creating barndos from scratch. Some companies sell bare-bones condo-barn shells. Their technicians deliver materials and then offload them on clients’ lots. Buyers can also opt for kits that include everything from stained concrete floors to custom windows.

DIY homeowners just follow manufacturers’ instructions to create basic structures, but typically need experts to add features like plumbing, electricity, and sewage. However, many owners hire contractors to do the job. Because structures are so simple, artisans can build basic versions in much less time than it would take to construct a traditional home. The total time and cost depend on size and design.

Customization Is Easy

Because barndos feature vast, open interiors, they are easy to customize. Some people select compact homes and stick with the original barn-like concept. Many add a living area on the main floor with a loft above. However, it is common for luxury versions to include elements typically found in traditional homes. Contractors can build walls as needed to create custom designs.

It is also easy for owners to change the interior plan if their needs change. They can easily divide large, open spaces by adding walls. Regardless of the design choices, every model is created with light and spaciousness in mind. All homes provide an uninterrupted flow of air and light.

Finished Structures Are Durable

Buyers who want sturdy homes also go for combination barn-condos. The metal construction ensures that houses withstand harsh weather. Buildings will not rot, are impervious to pests, and do combust. Because they are so difficult to damage, homes are easy to maintain. Their steel construction also means that it costs less to insure them.

Millions of house hunters are building barndos that include the best features of metal home exteriors and condo interiors. Owners can build houses themselves or hire contractors, and barndos are exceptionally easy to customize. They are also durable, spacious, low-maintenance, and charming.


Donna Paul