Things You Can Do With an Umbrella

 Things You Can Do With an Umbrella

When you head out into the rain, you may choose to grab an umbrella if you know you are going to have to park quite a distance from your actual destination or you don’t have a car because you are in a city. Have you ever thought about some of the many uses for your colorful parasol? Here are some ways you can use an umbrella.

Keep the Elements at Bay

Many people use a standard umbrella when it’s raining, but they are not just for rain. You might find a large size comes in handy when you want some shade while watching your kids play soccer. If you drive a tractor for your occupation, you might be interested to know that you can get lawn and garden umbrellas that will attach to your equipment to help keep off both the sun and the rain.

Use at a Party

Depending on your venue, you can use colorful bumbershoots for fun decorations. Hang them from the ceiling or use them as centerpieces. Go with one color, multiple colors, or even clear ones.

In addition to fun decorations, you can use umbrellas for party games. You can use them as baskets to catch balls or beanbags. You can carry something light in them and have races. Just use your imagination and have fun.

Repurpose Broken Umbrellas

What do you do when your parasol flips inside out or tears off the main structure, throw it away? If you are into reusing and recycling, you could turn the fabric into a painting apron for a child. You might also use the material to create a fun kite for your children.

Whether you are someone who likes to dance in the rain or keep the rain at bay, you can find many uses for an umbrella. In fact there are more uses for it than there are names for it!

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